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Belly Warmer - Toastie Recipe🥪

⛄️Winter = Toasties 🥪 Warm up your belly with a delicious toastie that feature local produce!

Heroes of the toastie are:

🧀Black Magic Triple Cream Brie with Black Garlic by Hunterbelle Cheese

🫒Roast Mushroom & Olive Relish by Pukara Estate

Recipe 📝


• Black Magic Cheese

• Roast Mushroom & Olive Relish

• Smoked Leg Ham

• Sundried Tomatoes

• Sourdough Bread


~ Slice sourdough, cheese & ham

~ Spread the mushroom and olive relish over the sourdough

~ Build your toastie with sundried tomatoes, cheese and ham

~ Toast under the grill


The Hunter in a Basket xx

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