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Mix it up! instead of packing your Hamper in a Basket/Box, how about a beautiful Insulated Tote Bag from Annabel Trends that is reusable! 


Choose from a variety of different patterns!


Gift Presentation - the cooler bag is the beautiful packaging, therefore there will only be a ribbon/bow placed on the cooler bag - no gift wrapping will be provided.


Postage - we can post your cooler bag with your Hamper; however please note for safe handling of the hamper items they will not be packaged in the cooler bag during transit; instead all items will be packaged using wood wool/filling to ensure no breakages. 


Note: If you choose a small cooler bag option then we may not be able to put the full contents if your Hamper in the bag; if this is the case the products that cannot be safely stored in the cooler bag will be placed in either a tote bag or box.



Cooler Bag - Insulated Tote Bag

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